2017 Climbing Calendar 

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All information shown is subject to change.

Tree Climbing season for Open Climbs goes from April through October

Private Climbs February through November, contact us for dates.

Basic Tree Climbing Course & training season, is year-round weather permitting.

Please note: All climbs contained within parentheses (  ) are presently unconfirmed and tentative, 

subject to cancellation.

OC/Open Climbs: Introductory sessions open to ages 7-95 in good health. We provide gear and instruction on how to go up, come down, hang out, and have fun! More info(No further skills instruction. See BTCC below to learn to climb on your own.)

What to wear for a Climb: Long pants and socks required to protect from bark and branches even in hot weather, and sturdy shoes (NO SANDALS or FLIP-FLOPS). Long sleeves are recommended. Good-fitting gloves recommended, any type, not too sticky or slippery. 

Some exertion is involved in this activity— a basic level of fitness is required.


BTCC (Basic Tree Climbing Course), Evergreen - Learn to climb on your own! Click here for more info on the course, and click here to schedule. Can be customed scheduled for 2 or more people. 

Private group climb for Birthdays, Company retreats/team building, Family gatherings, etc. call or email to schedule or for questions. $280 min. for 1-8 climbers, $35/each additional climbers. $100 deposit required to reserve date.

*To our valued climbers in South Suburban Parks & Rec District (ssprd), South Platte Park, Littleton: You may have heard by now that our recreational tree climbing programs are no longer being offered at South Platte Park. Our programs at SPP had always been very popular, usually with waiting lists and requests for additional special climbs from area residents. This why we wanted to give you more detail as to why this happened, and also let you know that we offer recreational tree climbing programs for individuals, families, birthdays, scout groups, etc. at various sites along the Front Range, including through the recreation departments of Golden, Lafayette, and Longmont. Please check our calendar below for dates and links to register for a climb.

As to the reason for the South Platte Park situation: Due to new administrative personnel at ssprd, a directive was issued mandating background checks on all outside contractors offering programs within the district. We have no problem with checks in principle. However, ssprd outsourced this task to a little-known private, out of state company, a company which then demanded we turn over our social security numbers to them to facilitate their investigation. With the increasing risk of identity theft, the commonly used alternative of substituting other identifiers such as drivers license numbers to obtain needed personal data, and the widespread advice to only provide one’s SS# to financial and government services, we declined to reveal our social security numbers to this private outside company, while still offering to work with them on alternatives. Despite the best efforts of the great staff at South Platte Park, whom we’ve known and worked with for almost 20 years, the new district personnel told us that we and our programs were no longer wanted.

We love connecting people of all ages with trees and forests. But sometimes, and increasingly, administrators put process and the perceived needs of bureaucracies ahead of people and the humanity of what we’re trying to do. We hope to see all of you at one of our other great trees, and we invite you to reach out to us with any questions or thoughts, at Harv at treeclimbingco com. Until then, thank you for your passion for nature. We’ll do our best to honor that shared passion and pledge to continue to be of service to people and nature. 


16, 17. Basic Tree Climbing Course - Evergreen - call or email for info



2 - 16. Off

22. Golden *OC Parfet Park

29. Off

30. (South Platte Park - OC*)  



7. Lafayette - OC* 

13. Longmont Recreation - Thompson Park - *OC

14. Off

28. Golden - Parfet Park (Activity #452910-05) - *OC



4. Lafayette - OC* 

7. First Congregation ARTS Camp - PC*

10. Longmont Recreation - Thompson Park - *OC - cancelled 

15. Colorado Academy - PC* (10am)

17. Off

24. Off

25. Off

28. Colorado Academy - PC* (10am/12:45pm)



8-9. Basic Tree Climbing Course (BTCC) - Evergreen

15. (South Platte Park - OC*) Please register for Golden open climb below

17-18. Off

22. ISA Comps Fun/Kid Climb - Washington Park, Denver, Festival Climb-come anytime 11-3

24-30 Off

29. Golden - *OC


4. CU Science Discovery Camp

5. Off

6 - 21. Off

12. Longmont Recreation - Thompson Park - *OC

19. Golden - *OC

26. SRT Course - Evergreen

24-27 Off



1-4. 16th Annual Recreational Tree Climbers Rendezvous, Jamestown, CO

9. Golden - OC*

15-17. Off

24. Lafayette - OC*


1. Girl Scout climb - PC* -

7. Longmont Recreation - Thompson Park - *OC

19-22 Off


5. Lafayette - OC*

16-19 Off

December - nada

Facilitated program climbing season generally goes from Vernal Equinox-Thanksgiving.
BTCC and training season is year-round, weather permitting. Click here for more info on the course, and click here to schedule.


* OC  Open Climb:  Open to the public.  Register through the listed partner agency. We will attempt to provide links to partner's registration pages.

* PC Private Climb:  Not open to the public.  

* FC  Festival Climb: Open to the public, register at the tree climbing location.

Twin cottonwoods at Ken Caryl Ranch - How many climbers can you spot?

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